Phone Angel readings are available:

Available in USA and Canada only. To make an appointments please  choose your option below. Once you have purchased a session Andrea will email you to schedule a time slot. You can email Andrea at  or call (360) 602-1779 for more info or to schedule.

30 min/ $50 phone Angel Reading

1 hour/ $100  Phone  Angel Reading

90 minutes/ $125 Phone Angel Reading


Email Angel readings are available:


$25 for a Mini email angel reading
Email reading consisting of 1-2 questions.

$50 for a Full email angel reading-
Email reading consisting of up to 3-5 questions.


When you order an email reading Andrea will email you requesting your questions for the angels. You can also email your questions to  Angel email readings can take up to 2 weeks for me to complete.

Descriptions of Services:

 Angel Readings

I do phone, email and in person Angel readings in Portland, Oregon area.

An Angel reading consists of: a personal channeled message from the angels. Then a question and answer time. Then an angel blessing and clearing.

The Angels can help us remove blocks and heal all areas of our life. We can also call on them to assist us with anything from finding a job  to letting go of a grudge!  The angels always work for our highest good! The angels bring a healing vibration of love that transforms the body,  mind and spirit.

Sample Angel questions are:

What angels are around me?

What do the angels have to say about this situation?

What is my life purpose?

What is my next step?

What do the angels want to tell me right now?


Fairy Readings

The fairies can help us to tune into the healing power of nature! They can offer you a wonderful perspective and healing energy.

Some common questions for the fairies are:

What messages do the fairies have for me?

What types of fairies are with me?

What do the fairies have to say about my life purpose?